Coronation Ace Lite

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The Wilson CORONATION ACE is the Most Popular FreeStyle Blade in the World. TheCORONATION ACE is the first choice of International Coaches Worldwide and features a precision Cross Cut and Milled Toe Rake. The CORONATION ACE is a parallel blade with superior steel construction for unmatched quality and world class performance. John Wilson has been manufacturing world champion ice skates for more than 300 years. Committed to creating the world’s most advanced blades John Wilson precision hardens every blade using the highest quality steel.

The Parallel Blades have the same blade runner thickness from the rake of the blade down the total length of the blade to the blade tail. Parallel blades are the most common of blades.

The Rake is Cross Cut milled, which is a multi directional milling process and provides added lateral stability when performing jumps. The more dominate the Toe Pick, the greater the potential for Jumping Elevation.

Lite blade is about 17% lighter and features a thinner blade than the traditional Coronation Ace which allows for quicker change of edge and improved glide.  The new "Tuff" plates are lighter and twice as strong as the original.


When mounting to EDEA Skates, the Blade Sizing is very consistent for each size and between models, please use the Sizing chart.  When properly mounted utilizing the Edea Screws, no additional water proofing of the Skates should be necessary.