Hi -Tech Skating Sock

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The Floquiya Hi-Tech Skating Sock is made of high quality Merino Wool to offer you the most comfortable and breathable fit inside your boot.


Protect your greatest investment by choosing the Hi-Tech Skating Sock.


We grew tired of cheap knee-highs, dress socks from the department store and cutting off the feet of our old tights. We also knew that with the nature of a tight-fitted skate boot, we simply can’t go to any old store and find a pair of useful socks to wear with our skates.


Ski socks are just too thick and nylons don’t offer enough function and

support. We created our Hi-Tech Skating Sock as a long-lasting quality product that does not need constant replacing.


Sizes: Long (13 inches), Short (10 inches)

Colors: Black, Cream & Heather Grey




Wool socks don’t need to be washed as often as socks made from other fibers. Since it doesn’t trap odors, a good airing out or spot-clean may be all you need for several uses. When you do need to wash them, turn them inside out and put them on a gentle cycle of cool water. Use mild soap and tumble dry on a low setting. Avoid chlorine and softeners. 




Our Hi-Tech Skating Sock is designed for all types of skaters: recreational,

professionals, competitors, performers, exercise enthusiasts, newbies and coaches.