Professional Revolution

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The MK Professional Revolution Ice Skating blades are the first blades to use Carbon Fiber Technology, enabling skaters to jump higher, skate faster, with greater control, sustaining fewer injuries, while being able to train for much, much longer. Grandfather of all MK blades. Designed for today's advanced freestyle techniques, the MK Professional Revolution is side honed, and hand brazed. The MK Professional Revolution blades are in high demand and due to the uniqueness of design are at the forefront in skating technology.

  • Rocker: 7'
  • Radius of Hollow: 7/16"
  • Blade Style: Tapered (Side Honed)


When mounting to EDEA Skates, the Blade Sizing is very consistent for each size and between models, please use the Sizing chart.  When properly mounted utilizing the Edea Screws, no additional water proofing of the Skates should be necessary.