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(Comparable to the Phantom)

When comparing the 420 to the 440, the differences are the 440 has molybdenum added, and higher carbon content which means a little more strength to the runner. These differences do not affect the skating performance, only the life of the blade and the time between sharpening. Both the 420 and 440 stainless steel will provide longer edge life.

These Paramount Blades have a 17" profile in the front. Similar to the Phantom. They have Large toepicks and are a good choice for those who need extra grip doing Triple Lutz and Flip jumps.

  • 7 foot Rocker
  • 17 in. radius in front
  • Cross Cut Toe Pick
  • Tapered and Honed 
  • 4 mm thick
  • Sizes 8 to 11.5

Stock colors: Polished Silver, Icy Pink, Icy Purple, Icy Blue and Black