Super Spray

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The Go-To Spray For Your Skate Bag!


Our unique formula of non-toxic, safe ingredients fights odors and bacteria that like to live inside skate bags, skate boots, socks & more. Spray freely on your feet, socks, tights, skate boots, costumes, gloves, headbands & more! Our merino wool socks love the super spray. Spray your merino wool socks in between washes to keep them fresh and smelling great. Enjoy a fresh scent while killing bad odors.


Product Info


Made with witch hazel, tea tree oil and peppermint oil. 

No harmful chemicals! Spray freely and frequently. 

Please note: This is a natural product made with essential oils. Shake before spraying. The peppermint smell will not stay as long as artifically fragranced spray, so spray often. Better for the environment & better for your health.